3 types of challenges

The HiPoLink has created 3 types of Challenges :

  • "Walk in my Shoes"
  • "Walk in my Heels" (reserved for female student)
  • "Work in my Shoes"

These Challenges are organized in order to allow Students pursuing their studies in the best High Schools/Universites of Europe to share exclusive round tables with CEOs and Managers.

CEOs and Managers choose the High Schools/Universities and the number of students they want to meet.

Once this list is established, the Challenge is open to all students on campus.

HiPoLink team makes beforehand a video report that gives information about the needs and expectations in terms of profiles and skills.

The purpose of this content is to help students to win the Challenge, only 1 student per High School/Univertisy will be chosen to take part in the round table.

Unsuccessful applicants will have the opportunity to ask their questions live on twitter, the day the round table takes place, at #WIMS ou #WIMH + name of company (for example : #WIMSEngie/ #WIMHEricsson).

The round table will be recorded and broadcasted on social networks.

Travel & accommodation expenses for students will be covered in full by the company.

How to participate ?

The HiPoLink Team counts on you for registering online here and give us your « wishlist » here.

We’ll do our best to satisfy your wishes (helping you to meet the HR teams, CEOs/Managers who can allow you to get the intership or the job of your dreams).

Good luck to everyone !

HiPoLink Team

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